Hello world!

April 8, 2010

I am beginning my weight loss journey by trying to get all of my fellow RN’s and LPN’s (and, of course, anyone else who wants to go on this journey with us) to follow the yellow brick road to weight loss for health and wealth. Yes, wealth, because if we keep on with our same program we won’t be able to work like we are used to doing . . . not because of the extra fat . . . but because of the disease that will be the result of the fat. I know this because I take care of people everyday who are where they are because of poor eating choices and lack of exercise. They aren’t there because of an “accident” or because of a random diagnosis of cancer or ALS, etc . . . no they are there because of too many Whoppers (both the Burger King time and the little brown malt ball Whoppers).

So, take a moment to introduce yourself to me. What kind of nurse are you? or like I wrote, if you aren’t in the health care field, feel welcomed . . . it will be just nurses helping others . . . after all, that is all in a day’s work, right?